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            The clock is ticking...

            and not just on Brexit

                     ummertime and the livin’ is easy… Well, that   leading owners and operators have in terms of crew
                     might be true in the old Ella Fitzgerald standard,   preparedness.  “For me it is a lose-lose [situation] for the crew
                     but it could not be further from the truth for the   on board,” says Anglo-Eastern Ship Management chief executive
            S maritime industry.                               Bjørn Højgaard. Crew lack operational experience in dealing
               If there were any doubt that industry preparedness is   with what is expected to be a wide range in centistokes – what is
            still lagging when it comes to the pending 2020 sulphur cap   needed is guidance on the sort of training superintendents and
            legislation, then even the most cursory views of our owner and   crew should receive to navigate the uncertainties of next year.
            OEM roundtable on page 74 will make for sober reading.   A common view was that the first six months of 2020 are
               A matter of months from the deadline – and as Shell Marine   likely to be turbulent as industry finds its footing – but the
            global technical manager Sara Lawrence puts it – “the number   industry will find its footing. Perhaps ominously, another
            of vessels out there that are simply doing no monitoring at all is   shared view was that the focus on 2020 is something of a red
            still staggering.”                                 herring – and the real challenge is gearing up to meet IMO’s
               What is especially revealing is the concern our industry-  decarbonisation targets in the decades ahead.

            Riviera’s new technical editor: a leading
            journalist with seafaring experience

            Riviera Maritime Media is delighted   engineers to sail on LNG carriers,
            to announce the appointment of M   marking him out as a dual ticket holder –
            Kalyanaraman (Kalyan) as its new   eligible to sail on steam and motor.
            technical editor – marine engineering.  In 2003 Kalyan graduated with a
               Kalyan – almost uniquely – brings to   Masters degree in journalism from New
            the role experience as a seagoing marine   York’s prestigious Columbia University. His
            engineer on multiple vessel types, a proven   subsequent experience includes eight years
            track record editing a leading international   as editor of Turbomachinery International
            B2B industry title and news editing   before returning in 2011 to his home town
            two of the world’s largest circulating   to take up senior editorial positions on The
            daily newspapers, where responsibilities   Times of India and The Hindu.
            included breaking maritime stories.  “We are delighted to announce
               Commenting on his appointment   Kalyan’s appointment,” said Riviera’s head
            Kalyan said “I am excited to join Riviera   of content Edwin Lampert. “Kalyan’s
            Maritime Media where I can continue   depth and breadth of experience means
            on the two voyages I have always loved:   we can add depth and breadth to our
            shipping and journalism.”         technical content and coverage in print,   to reading Kalyan’s content across our
               Kalyan’s marine engineering career   online and to our growing portfolio of   newly launched website from August and
            began in 1995 with the state-owned   events. Those familiar with the maritime   meeting Kalyan in person at Riviera’s
            Shipping Corporation of India. He stayed   press will know that finding a seasoned   October Asian Sulphur Cap 2020
            with the company six years, serving on   maritime engineer and proven editor   Conference in Singapore.” MP
            general cargo, oil tankers and passenger   of Kalyan’s calibre is a rarity. We are
            vessels. Kalyan also holds the distinction   delighted to welcome Kalyan on board.  Kalyan can be contacted via email:
            of being one of the first Indian marine   “Industry at large can look forward

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