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ENGINE COMPONENTS                                        HIGH PRESSURE TECHNOLOGY

 Piping and Common Rail Systems  Pipes and Manifolds  Quality products for

 for Diesel Engines  for Gas Engines                      distinct requirements

 Nova Swiss fl ushing and relief valves are designed for   Standard Valves, Fi• ings and Tubings for pressures
 High-quality large engines increasingly rely on Nova Swiss   highest reliability and long service life.  Nova Swiss gas pipes and manifolds are custom made. The   up to 60 kpsi.
 Common Rail System technology. Solutions for high-perfor-  •  Modular design adaptable to customer requirement  sheathing concept sheaths simply and cost-eŽ ective and
 mance diesel engines: Sheathed and unsheated Nova Swiss   •  Up to 3˙600 bar operation pressure  thereby conforms to classifi cation societies. The precise   HP BUSINESS
 3˙400 bar. The Nova Swiss solutions fully conforms to the rules  •  Sheathed to meet SOLAS requirements or unsheathed  design allows simply assembly on engine.  High pressure operating systems like Compressors, Gas dosing
 common rail piping systems for pulsating pressures up to
 of all well-known Classifi cation Societies.  •  Applicable for various kinds of fuel   •  Engineered to your needs  systems, Hand pumps and Pressure supply units.
 HIGH PRESSURE   ACCUMULATORS,   •  Sheathed and unsheathed up to DN80  Supporting pressures up to 10˙000 bar (145˙000 psi) and gases
                                                          like hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, helium or argon.
         Up to 15 bar operation pressure
 FUEL INJECTION PIPE  HIGH PRESSURE FUEL RAILS   •  Stainless steel, other materials upon request
 Nova Swiss high pressure fuel injection pipes are individually   AND JUNCTION BLOCKS  •  Classifi cation society compliant  HP EXCLUSIVE
 designed to meet customer requirements at maximum   Accredited welding processes  NovašSwiss oŽ ers customized high pressure technology ap-
 robustness and reasonable cost level. The pipes meet rigorous   Compact, modular structured design for fl exible use on every   plications. Their distinguishing features are; mature product
 quality requirements concerning material, tolerances and   modern Common Rail engine up to 3˙600 bar for pressure oscil-  development and design, high precision, made-to-fi t connection
 surface fi nishing. Virtually any pipe geometry is possible.  lation compensation and fuel distribution. The modular design   geometries and simply to use. The High pressure components
 ensures easy adaptation for diŽ erent engine confi gurations
 •  Up to 3˙600 bar operation pressure  and integration of various components. The design can be both   have proven their service worthiness even under harshest
 •  Extended life-time due to ultra-high fatigue treatment  unsheathed and also sheathed.  conditions and high physical strain.
 •  Dimensions and design adopted to engine requirements  •  Up to 3˙600 bar operation pressure
 •  Clean as a whistle  •  High volume set-up fl exibility
 •  High fuel fl exibility  •  Compact, modular structured design for fl exible use

 STARTING VALVES AND   •  Easy adaptation for diŽ erent engine confi gurations
 Applicable for various kinds of fuel
 Nova Swiss air starting components provide reliable starting
 with no lubrication requirements, minimal maintenance and
 proven performance and durability. The products meet emer-
 ging demands for technical sophistication and provide the per-
 fect starting solution for marine propulsion, power generation
 and industrial application.

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