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                                                                                  August/September 2019
                                                             volume 41 issue 4

             28                                        Regulars
                                                       7 COMMENT
                                                       8 BRIEFING
                                                       11 ON THE AGENDA
                                                       95 POWERTALK
                                                       96 BUNKER BULLETIN
                                                       Newbuilding delivery

                                                       12 Histria Shipmanagement is innovatingwith its EcoMax MR1 tankers
                                                       Enginebuilder profile
                                                       17 How Japan Engine Corp is bucking the multi-fuel trend

              61                                       Two-stroke engines
                                                       21 The industry is braced for fuel compatibility problems
                                                       Four-stroke engines
                                                       25 Improving componentry with new simulation tools

                                                       Engineroom safety
                                                       28 Examining the consequences of an engineroom fire
                                                       Hydrogen propulsion: Ferries

                                                       33 Producing hydrogen using surplus renewable energy
                                                       Hybrid propulsion: Ferries
             90                                        37 A more flexible approach to the engineering and design of hybrid vessels

                                                       Hybrid propulsion: Feeder vessels

                                                       43 New cargo feeder vessels are ideal candidates for hybrid-battery technology
                                                       Hybrid propulsion: Efficiency

                                                       49 Battery-hybrid installations can reduce local emissions for cargo ships
                                                       Decarbonisation: Passenger vessels
                                                       55 The decarbonisation strategies among the passenger vessel segment
                                                       58 A new ferry could be the first of a fleet of fully decarbonised vessels
         LUKOIL_Az_190x62_Komp_Messe_SeaAsia_2019.qxp_Layout 1  08.05.19  09:28  Seite 1

          NAVIGO MCL Extra
          NAVIGO  MCL Extra  shows  excellent
          piston cleanliness on E.R. TALINN at end                                   
          of trial inspection in February 2017.
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