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           Fuel emulsion meets Tier III

           NOx limits with pilot ignition                                                                                                       For a smarter

                                                                                                                                                perspective on

           Research engineers have found a way to make ship                   a Tier III solution based on emulsion
           engines meet IMO Tier III NOx limits with a fuel-                  is estimated to be lower than for SCR                             marine propulsion
                                                                              – because of urea consumption – but
           water emulsion, potentially eliminating the need for               slightly higher than for EGR.
           expensive and bulky after-treatment                                   The system has only been tested
                                                                              for 60 hours so far, making it difficult                          Do you want control, compliance and continuous improvement?
                                                                              to draw conclusions on possible long-                             Partner with WinGD for a smarter perspective. Our passion                       Meet us at
                                                                              term operational or component lifetime                                                                                                            stand N2E2Z
                                                                              problems. Other issues that will need longer                      for engines, innovation and simplicity is your reliable source for
                                                                              testing times include fuel and emulsifier                         sustainable propulsion solutions.
                 new technique to enable ship   In the engine test a mixing system   compatibility, water quality influences and                                                                                      Meet us at stand 3F39
                 engines to meet IMO Tier III   from ENH Engineering was used to   fuel supply system compatibility.                  
           A NOx limits with a fuel-water    distribute the diesel into the water. The   The study was part of a wider project
           emulsion, presented by MAN Energy   system consists of three pumps for water,   in which MAN was also able to show
           Solutions at CIMAC World Congress,   diesel and emulsifier, flow meters and   that it could emulsify methanol fuel,
           involves emulsifying fuel with at least the   a mill that introduces large shear stress   used in its ME-LGIM engines, to meet
           same amount of water. Previous tests with   through counter-rotating plates with   Tier III NOx limits.
           emulsion fuels were limited to around   several small teeth.          Tier III NOx limits currently only
           30% water due to combustion difficulties,   However, operating costs remain   apply in North American emission
           but the latest tests deploy a pilot injection   challenging because of the volume   control areas. From 2021, two further
           of pure diesel fuel to ignite the emulsion.  of water needed (and the impact on   areas will be introduced in the North Sea
             Trials on Mitsui Engineering &   onboard water production and storage)   and the Baltic Sea. Enginebuilders expect
           Shipbuilding’s 4S50ME-T test engine   as well as the fuel penalty associated   shipowners to order more Tier III than
           revealed that at a high engine load a   with emulsions. The operating cost of   Tier II engines by 2022. MP
           ratio of around 1:1 of water to fuel was
           required; for low loads from 25-50% a
           ratio of around 1.7:1 is needed. MAN   Water in fuel has been
           expects the result to be applicable across   restricted to a 30% blend
           engines of other sizes.            without pilot ignition
             The results suggest that fuel-
           water emulsions could enable Tier III
           compliance on an engine tuned to meet
           Tier II limits. Capital cost was also
           attractive, according to the company.
             “An initial preliminary business
           case study suggests that the addition of
           a secondary fuel injection system and
           auxiliary components needed for water/
           fuel on a marine two-stroke diesel engine
           could be made significantly less expensive
           than the systems needed for either selective
           catalytic reduction [SCR] or exhaust
           gas recirculation,” says the company in
           an official release. It added that space
           requirements would be significantly less,
           especially compared to SCR.

           Marine Propulsion & Auxiliary Machinery | August/September 2019         

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